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      Focusing on People is the cornerstone of Qianhai AnyCheck Company’s future development and expansion. Active on various channels to recruit talented people as much as possible, taking an open recruitment approach, emphasis assessment based on merit, examining the moral character, knowledge, ability, and physical requirements for the job, the company carefully make selection of various kinds of skills. Qianhai AnyCheck Company not only hires outstanding abilities but also provides a broad development chance in terms of employee training development and career design.

Training System


Identify company’s development fundamental needs. Develop the potential of employees by providing a variety of forms of learning opportunities. Pay attention to the all-round development of employees, so as to improve organization’s ability.


Development Way

Fluid Career Promotion

Qianhai AnyCheck provides H dual channel career development path to employees. In line with principle of “fair, open, justice”, the company provides equal promotion and learning opportunities for every staff. At the same time, in order for the staff to better realize their career developments, the company respectively provides management training and technical support.

Promotion Mostly Dependent on Performance

At the beginning of each year, the company publish an annual performance goals according to the strategic plans of each department. Supervisors discuss with the staff and then make measurable decision indicators. In Addition to that, every quarter the company begins a performance evaluation comparing to the global strategic targets. The employee can learn about his self ability by knowing the results of the evaluation.

Position Rotation

In order to promote the perspective-taking consciousness of team work and management, cultivate comprehensive strong ability interdisciplinary talents, company encourages job rotation for staffs whose job functions can be learnt from each other.