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1. Incentive Systems

(1) Equity Incentive System: All company employees have equities. After probation period, company will distribute equities according to employee's contributions to the company and according to the daily work performance;

(2) Salary Incentive System: According to the quarterly performance, middle-year performance appraisal result, the company will give employees pay rise. In general, the employees have four or five times a year for raising salary;

(3) Post Allowance System: The company will give employees corresponding post allowance according to different posts, and cash on 20th of each month;

(4) Relevant Subsidy System: Business Subsidy: the company will give business personnel business trip expenses such as accommodation, meals and communication allowance; Communication Allowance: In accordance with company’s single standard, all employees enjoy communication allowance;

(5) Training Promotion System: The company will provide monthly internal and external training according to employees’ training needs, in order to improve employee’s working ability, working skills, working efficiency and comprehensive quality enhancement;

(6) Internal Promotion Mechanism: According to the comprehensive ability of employees, the company will provide good promotion for employees’ career development.


2.Bonus System 

(1) Full Frequently Award: In a month, without any late attendance, no  early leave, leaves and absences, company will give full frequently award;

(2) Skill Bonus: If employees that have special skills which make benefits for the company, then the company gives bonus to employees; 

(3) Performance Bonus: Company assesses employee's salary increases according to the economic benefits, employee's performance and performance appraisal. Generally, increase range is from high to low levels: grade A , B, C, no salary and so on four classes

(4) Sales Bonus: Employees in the market department will be rewarded after complete sales task; 

(5) Contribution Bonus: Give bonus to employees who have made outstanding contributions to company; 

(6) Year-end Bonus: According to company’s benefits, give each employee bonus at the end of the year.


3. Payment Leave 

(1) Marriage Leave: Employees that got married have 3 days wedding leave. Employees, who marry at a mature age, can obtain paid marriage leave for ten days; 

(2) Maternity Leave: Female employees have 90 days maternity leave while male employees have 7 days maternity leave;

(3) Paid Annual Leave: Employees, who work for a full year, can obtain 8 days paid annual leave.

(4) Paid National Legal Holiday: According to the national holiday standard, issue holiday gifts or festival bonus.