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E-Techco Group (Qianhai AnyCheck) Won Medical Device Trading License Permit

Date:2016-01-14 Sources:易特科 View Count7173

          January 14th, 2016, Qianhai AnyCheck Infomration Technologies Co.,Ltd(hereafter short for Qianhai AnyCheck), which is E-Techco Group’s core enterprise and IPO platform, recently won medical device trading license permit issued by Market and Quality Supervision Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, which was E-Techco Group’s second member enterprise got this qualification. The wining of medical device trading license permit, means Qianhai AnyCheck has the relatively independent business premises and storage conditions(including storage instruments and facilities), has the technology training, after service ability for the medical device products, which lays the firm foundations and safeguard for Qianhai AnyCheck’s further expanding “internet + medical + health management + geriatric nursing service” .

      FYI: rules for medical device classification: class 1,is the medical devices for which the safety and effectiveness can be guaranteed through standard management, such as the majority of the surgery appliances, stethoscope, operating cap, breathing mask, medical X-ray film, paste. Class 2, is the medical devices for which the safety and effectiveness should be controlled, such as thermometer, tonometer, ECG diagnostic instruments, medical pledget, medical gauze, constant temperature incubator, glass cupping device; Class 3, is the medical devices for which the safety and effectiveness should be strictly controlled, such as the implantable heart pacemaker, artificial lens, disposable germ free injector and perfusion tube.
      E-Techco ( Qianhai AnyCheck ) is the domestic and overseas leading health management service practitioner, it is the first full license internet health service practitioner in the internet + medical area. Currently, the products covers software, hardware, platform, service areas, including the self developed AnyCheck APP which downloads has surpassed 26.87 millions, the registered customers reaches 7.96 millions, ranks in the front in the national health APP ranking list published by the authoritative organizations. In the mean time, the group always adheres to do internet using the industry and commerce method, possesses and operates a class 2 hospital, has 12 O2O physical stores , 24 community hospitals, 3 old cadre sanatoriums, which closely integrating the online medical service.
      In recently years, through the unremitting efforts and endeavors of the R&D team and the entire team, E-Techco(Qianhai AnyCheck) has gained “national postdoctor scientific research station”,” High-Tech Enterprise”, “software enterprise ”, ”Guangdong Province internet medical engineering center”, “Shenzhen postdoctor innovation and practice base”, national ” Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Unit”. The company intellectual property strategy has made spectacular achievements, as of January 14th, 2016, E-Techco has applied 1055 all kinds of intellectual property, including 785 applied patents,including 225 invention patents, 257 new utility model patents, 66 appearance patents, 237 international patents(in the form of PCT),100 software copyrights, 29 domestic and overseas trademarks, 7 domestic and overseas domains, 40 domestic and overseas authentications, 13 third party technology advancement certifications, 78 published papers.
      As the new year has come, E-Techco(Qianhai AnyCheck) will continue to uphold the development concept “innovation propels, technology leads”, endeavor in the “internet + medical + health management + geriatric nursing service” industry, and the entire team will focus on the “internet + medical” area in full spirit, endeavors for the early realization of human’s health dream and E-Techco’s China dream!