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      E-techco Group Qianhai Anycheck Information Technology Company is an emerging high-tech enterprise. It is "people-oriented" which focuses on talents cultivation and talents introduction. Under the support of a team which is composed of a multinational group and international talents, the company will pay more attention to the elder, vulnerable groups and mobile health.

Enterprise Mission: Allow Diabetes to Live Longer; Let People Afford to Grow Old; Let Human Get Benefits

Allow Diabetes to Live Longer: AnyCheck health management cloud services mainly provide health management service to the elder who have diabetes and complications. Let them improve quality of life, control and delay complications' happening, improve the level of care, in order to make each diabetes patient healthy, happy and live long life.

Let People Afford to Grow Old: China's aging is coming; all of us are off guard, because government, society and family haven't prepared and understood well. Endowment health will become the largest and the most realistic and the most serious social problems. We suddenly found that "we can't afford to be old". AnyCheck health management cloud services will greatly alleviate this tricky new challenge through Medical IT technology! "Let people can afford to be older" is one of E-techco Group's mission!


Let Human Get Benefits: E-techco Group has international market advantages, coupled with international technology cooperation and NGO's cooperation. AnyCheck management health cloud services will be able to let the world of diabetes patients, chronic diseases people (KHDC) and the elder benefit!


Enterprise Philosophy: Catered to Personal Services and Health Protection, Focus on Your Health

Enterprise Core Values: Bring Health Monitor to Life, Enjoy Smart Service and Lead a Healthy Life

Enterprise Vision: "Prevention is better than Treatment, Health Focuses on Management"

"Remote Medical Cloud Service" System establish customer lifelong health database, and gather medical record which make portable home health care devices become the best medium of "lead healthcare into thousands of households ", promote the whole society's level of medical care.

Through website and intelligent cloud services, with the aid of objective description of testing data and direct guidance and promotion of evaluation results, coupled with anytime and anywhere's "health education", cloud services can more effectively help the user to realize "healthy new life".